Human Hair Extensions


Our human hair extensions are simple, safe, fast, flat and COMFORTABLE! They are gentle and suitable for ALL hair types, also available in 47 natural colors. Our extensions come with a natural body wave and can stay in your hair for up to 6 months! The hair is 100% the finest human hair that money can buy and is also be re-usable! Since they are human hair extensions they can be curled, flat-ironed, and even colored! The bonds are made of nylon and plastic and are installed with a special installation machine that can put in 5 bonds at a time, which makes for a speedy installation! You can't go wrong with this hair, these are the human hair extensions that they use in Hollywood on the Kardashians and many other celebrities!


(Prices May Vary)

Extensions Maintenance and Tidy-Up cuts- $75 and up. (as needed)
If you are not coming in for regular hair cuts, it is important to come in for tidy-up cuts
every 8-10 weeks or so as needed to ensure the integrity of your natural hair and the extensions.

Extensions Removal- $150 and up.
Extensions can be worn up to 4-6 months. The removal is very gentle and takes approx 1-2 hours to remove a full head of extensions.

 Extensions Hairbrush- $32.
This luxury hairbrush is specially designed to comb through the Nano bonds without added tension or pulling on your natural hair. It keeps the bonds clean and the hair smooth.


We require an in-salon consultation before proceeding with ordering and installation. There is no way to quote a price over the phone due to the various hair lengths and amount of hair needed to create the custom look you want. 

If you are not sure if extensions are the right option for you, an e-consult is a great way for the stylist to help you decide! Once decided we can proceed with an in-salon consultation. You can text or email the following:

1. A couple photos of yourself with your current hair length
2. Include a photo of what you are looking for
3. Include the approximate length of hair you’d like
(ex. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, etc..)

Email information to:

Text information to:                           (520)-664-5329

Hair must be purchased in full in order to book installation appointment.

Our hair is guaranteed to retain thickness all the way through to the ends. Pictured above is our hair (right) compared to most competitors hair (left). 

Extensions Re-Installation of Reusable and Re-bonded hair- 
Hair that you've previously worn can be re-bonded. This is a process where the hair is prepared so that it can go back into the installation machine and re-installed into your hair. The hair is cleaned up to perfection and looks close to brand new! The 7 star hair is reusable up to 3 times and is virgin hair quality.

The Quality                                                       There are 2 hair qualities available from the company we work with; The standard 5 Star hair is processed up to 2 shades from its original color and is non-reusable and not rebondable, and therefore costs less.

The Luxury 7 Star hair is considered virgin hair and is therefore reusable and re-bondable up to 3 times. Both qualities come in 47 custom blended shades and up to 24 inches in length 

All hair comes from Austria where it is manually hand-sorted by length and color. Each strand is placed under a microscope and is examined to make sure it meets all qualifications. All hair orders come with a certificate of authenticity and is quality guaranteed!